Summer wedding outfit

we are going to talk about the summer wedding outfits in my previous posts, I have told you ways about casual wear different types of casuals and how to check what mistakes should not be done.

In this we talk about an summer wedding outfit. it’s the most important for all of us as we were very straight forward towards the wedding dresses.

And we generally affraid of how we carry them and how we can choose it. so, you don’t have to worry about it  is going to tell you how to deal with it and how to handle it whether it is related to colour or style wise.


So, if we talk about the summer wedding outfit the first thing that comes in mind is the fabric that which fabric we have to choose so the best fabric for summer is linen fabric.

They were light weight and in breathable  were the most perfect for summer you can easily carry them . Also ,if you’re interested in other fabric you can choose.

cotton suits fabric
these were the most versatile choice you can wear it on any occasion or can be regular to have a formal look ,The most popular colour in cotton suits is khaki and purple.

Seersucker fabric
The another good fabric for summer is the seersucker fabric .

This material is light weight and can be also used as casual and is breathable too best for summer.

Chambray fabric

The last fabric for summer you have is the chambray fabric light weight fabric very comfortable and stylish too.


1.your pant is being made according to your waist so what’s the need to carry belt so don’t use belt with suits in summer ,the belt loops should be sophisticated.

2.if you were choosing suits for summer just go for no linning suits .

becausethese suits were breathable air passes threw them.

3. You can wear simple shirt and pants.

but without belt, if you are fit enough to carry your pant without belt.


If you are choosing the right shoes on your formal look you can choose the peni loafers or go for tassel loafers or any other which would be perfect and comfortable.
Try to avoid long sockses if you are wearing an suit in summer because it gives you relaxation .


If we talk about colours then try to avoid the dark colours or dry Colors. Try to wear the light colours like light grey may be pink may be blue ,white, khaki, peach, light brown.

So we talk about the four types of fabrics that we have to choose in summer and after that we talked about the style tips and at last we talked about the colours.

Now we are going to talk about the dress codes , we are going to choose according to our budgets for summer wedding
We will talk about higher to lower budget.

If your budget is high just go for any   light colour linen suit cotton shirt and loafers. It’s the best look for any summer wedding outfit. You can add pocket square , watch to make your look more decorative.

It doesn’t have much difference ,but the person don’t have budget to stitch the suit -he can just do one thing  just have to buy a blazzer or can get tailored it and go for a shirt or t-shirts jeans and a good pair of shoes.

If you are not having the budget to get a suit you can just go for waist coat shirt and trousers and a pair of shoes.

You can carry your kurta pajama with Nehru jacket which all around the best look and a pair of juttis, loafers


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