The question that we face when we get adult that how to get beard growth or  how to get big mustaches.
So yes we were going to discuss all of the problems related to your beared. But firstly if you want to know much about fashion go and see all other posts of this website we have worked on different fashion styles.

You all were very excited to grew your beard and mustaches faster and longer  so we will talk about in two parts
1 first part is all about mustaches .
2. Part how to take care and problems which occur.


1.walrus mustaches

These were the mustaches that were difficult for youngsters to accuire because they were very thick and loose and cover your upper lip.

2.Tooth Brush Style

These were the mustaches basically the Charlie Chaplin style mustaches.

3.English Style Mustaches

  As the name suggests the English means the British people style mustaches or the English men style.

4.No curl End Mustaches

These were the mustaches which were simply stretched not curl one.
5. Imperial Style Mustaches And Hungarian Mustaches

  1. These were the mustaches which were favourite of Punjabi region people not only Punjabi but all over the world these were the two styles which were followed
    These mustaches were curl from the end.
    But these two styles require maintenance and time.

Many questions came related to mustaches
~Why they were not growing
~Why they were not heavy
~Growth is good but how to maintain the mustaches

Guys don’t get hiper about all these issues
Firstly if you don’t have mustaches or they were not growing don’t take too much stress it will have an impact of your genetic factors if you are 18 and you don’t have mustaches don’t be hiper it’s natural some get their growth in 20 also
But you want represent your personality according to it don’t be conscious.

steps you should follow:

1. Don’t touch your mustaches every time avoid to touch them.because it effects your mustaches they don’t get moisture due to which the growth slows down.

2. Don’t use oil on your mustaches if you have budget use beard growth oil but don’t use the oil which you use for hairs or if you don’t have budget use Coconut oil to nourish and to create moisture.

3. Trim your beared if you don’t have much growth or you have some hairs on your face because it looks ugly.

4. Eat green vegetables they were best to increase hormones for hairs.

5.wash your face with face wash twice in a day so that pollutants don’t stop your growth.

6.Add vitamins in your diet , Try to take protein which you get from dry fruits .

These were some points you should follow and your beard growth starts naturally.

Last point the most important is that

~Be patience you have to wait if you want a good and a heavy beard.

IF you have a good beard and want to maintain it
1.Buy a brush for your beard
2.oil it at night and do grooming
3.Shape it with trimmer
4.wash it slowly with an beard face wash only beard.

Grew it enhance your personality

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