Hairstyle and skin glow tips

Hairstyle and skin glow tips


Hairstyle the thing which make you attractive if you don’t have a good haircut you won’t look perfect. It decide whole of your personality , people have many types of different haircuts but you should choose a haircut according to your face.
If your haircut cut is according to your face cut then your personality looks different and you express yourself the best.

The thing is that many people didn’t knew about the relation  between their haircut and their face due to which the whole personality looks negative and improper.

Let’s talk about different types of faces and a hairstyle according to them.


1.Round face shape people should add length to their hairs.
2. Always keep the top longer.
3. They should avoid the round corners.
4. Use hair products to add sharpness.
5. Avoid messy, and sloppy haircut.
6.Don’t go for a shaved hair.


If you are a square face shape then: should balance the structure of the face with the roundness of your haircut.
2. Add a softness around the corners.
3. Add length on the top of your hairs.
4. Avoid sharp edges.
5.complete buzz suits the square face.
6. Avoid Hair products that add sharpness.
7. Avoid Disconnection: sudden difference in hair length.


It’s the most versatile face shape anything works for this type of face shape.
1.Avoid over grown hairs that fall on your forehead.
2. Expose your forehead.
3. Avoid fringes
4. A little bit of structure(sharpness or hair products).


1. Try taking attention away from your jaw. Make your haircut the focus point.
2. Expose your forehead.
3. Fade haircut instead of buzz haircut.
4.The focus point shifts from the jaw to the haircut.
5.  can do multiple things with the length on your top.


1. Never ever try to use fareness creams
Because they harm your skin -they contain hydroquinone, mercury, carcinogens , steroids countless other harmful chemicals that can harm your skin.

We will talk about different skin types what we have to use for them how we can take care of them.


If you have a dry skin then ,whenever you wash your face you have to apply moisturizer on your face the moisturizer will be your best friend if you got a dry skin that it is flaking off and you have dry lips just end up by moisturizer or you can use Vaseline jelly that’s what help you getting healthy and glowing skin.


If you have an oily skin then we have an home remedy for you.
You may got an Multani miti which is available in any grocery store have a lock of it chip of it pound it and mix turmeric ( haldi) and lemon in it and use the solution on your face apply it for not more than 15 minutes and then wash your face.
Use it twice a week only don’t use it in daily basis.
You can see the result within a month you get a glowing skin within a month of using the solution.


If you want an glowing baby  type skin you have to use a face scrub when you are using a scrub you have to massage your skin in a circular motion don’t press to hard, it helps to increase blood circulation in your face and if blood circulation increases it promotes skin growth.
This method was fantastic to give you a glowing skin but don’t use this method if you are very acne prone or you get acne
And if you don’t have an acne then this was the best for you.


1. Water

Keep hyderating your self with               drinking water the aim was just to make urine clear.


The second thing you have to focus on vegetables and fibre don’t focus on fruits too much but primarily focus on vegetables which are much more nutritionally dence.
Eat vegetables of different colours.


If you are having a beard make sure you are maintaining it properly you have to use a beard grooming products. So that the face look shiny as well as neat and clean.
Thats all about skin care if you do these and try to learn what has been explained was the best for you to get a good glowing skin.


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