College fashion-The tips were many but how to apply is just an question you all knew that if you are a college guy you should look stunning and handsome and best dress you wear it all just a myth you should be you in the college too it doesn’t mean that you have dressed up yourself in an inappropriate manner dressedup like an college guy look stunning too but innocent too.

2 rules that you should follow when we were talking about college dressing: practical- don’t spend too much money on college dressing means don’t buy too many branded clothes you were not going to college for show off you are going to college to socialize.
2. Stand out- when you are choosing clothes for college choose the ones that makes you stand out basically college guy don’t knew much about fashion so made yourself to stand out learn some tricks.

So let’s move on to our first and most important tip which generally the one which get noticed first.


If I tell you about that in college you should give priority to your first impression and if you are going to make that impression more strong so the first thing your shoes they should be very sexy and stylish.
Three big NO’s that you should not wearin college.
1. Sports shoes
2.Strap sandles
3. Crocs

Three DOs that you can wear in college
1.simple flip flops.
2.Skate shoes
3.casual loafers

So, try and make yourself smarty boy.

The second tip we were going to tell you is your t-shirts the best sexiest and stylish wear but we first talk about the pants which make you stand out:


If you are choosing a pant you should choose a pant which make you stand out and if you choose you should choose chinos these were the cotton pants if you’re wearing jeans try to wear chinos
But if you are having jeans then it’s ok that were your basic pants and if you choose jeans make sure you choose deep blue jeans these were going to come in fashion soon.

Now,the high time is to talk about the top wear means your t-shirts .


If you are wearing a t-shirt or shirt or any polo t-shirt just don’t wear tight t-shirts whether you are gym going person so don’t show off just wear the loose t-shirts from your waist part,try to wear the one where you get a breathy space.

But don’t wear the too loose clothes that people say see he is wearing his dad’s clothes or his big brothers clothes so you should wear the t-shirts which were upper body tight and lower body little loose.


Many boys Don’t change their look they stick to one look which they daily wear
You should keep on changing your looks

Keep your look exciting keep it fresh.

Now we will going to talk about tip no. Four and it’s all about accessories:


If you are going to club or some cool parties then you are going to wear wrist band and other bands but if you are going to college you should wear a watch because you’re going to college not in any party you should look decent too when we talk about college threw it you look sexy and classy too.



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